Annuncicom 100

annuncicomNetwork intercom and PA component for commercial, industrial and security applications.

Annuncicom is an interface that bridges audio to Ethernet to allow people to communicate with each other and to inform others. You could call it an IP intercom and IP paging system.


  • Transmits voice, pre-recorded announcements, alarm messages and music over the network to any specific location
  • Two way communication is possible just like an ordinary intercom
  • Communicates over a standard network connection (10/100 Mbit/s) and supports TCP/IP-Protocol
  • Incorporates an integrated Web server for control and configuration
  • Works in combination with other Barix Annuncicoms as an autonomous IP Intercom, IP Paging system or can be used by itself with a PC controlled solution

For more information see Annuncicom 100 Product Sheet.