Shield International Inc Dubai install and support a system to help prevent child abductions from birthing units, day in day out – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a fully supervised security system you can trust. That system is Safe Place®.

Safe Place protects a defined area that’s customized to each hospital’s needs. As soon as a nurse attaches a transmitter to an infant, he or she is auto-enrolled in the system even before keying in the infant’s name. The system functions at several levels to provide immediate and comprehensive infant security.

Three Levels of Infant Security.

Safe Place effectively monitors exit points in the secured area. When a transmitter attached to a baby’s ankle comes within a few feet of an exit, the doors lock without setting off an alarm. When the transmitter moves farther away, the doors unlock.

The second level of security comes from the infant’s ankle band transmitter itself. Only an authorized nurse can remove the transmitter. If someone else tries to tamper with it in any way – cut, remove or loosen it – an alarm will sound and global lockdown can result.

The final level of infant security comes from system checks. Every 10 seconds, Safe Place transmitters check with the main system to ensure that every transmitter has a strong signal, appropriate battery levels and is in communication with the main computer. If any component is missing or non-operational, it also activates an alarm.

Vital Information at a Glance

Safe Place is designed to be user friendly for the staff by centralizing information on a convenient touch-screen PC monitor. This makes admitting and discharging patients a breeze, without the need for a conventional keyboard and mouse. This touch-screen design also minimizes space without sacrificing functionality.

Safe Place allows you to generate many different reports to help track patients and system-use activities that reflect the most current status.