The contractor shall supply, install, test and commission a modern Electronic Digital Open Voice Color Video Entry Phone System of an approved manufacturer and design to facilitate audio-visual communication between the different apartments of the building and the main entrance.

The contractor shall submit a complete technical proposal with schematic drawings, list of materials and detailed catalogues of the equipment for consultant/client approval before starting the work. The video entry phone system shall be suitable for visual monitoring of the main entrance panel in lobby and duplex voice communication between the different apartments and the main entrance panel..

The system shall be powered by a main power supply unit additional power supplies shall be provided within the riser as the system demands; however, feeding each of the apartment monitors by a dedicated power supply unit will absolutely be rejected. Unlocking of building entrance door shall be possible by pressing the monitor’s door opener button.

Standards & Codes:

All the equipment and components shall be in accordance with CE Standards and they shall bear the EU Directives (89/336/EEC) label on them.